Maui’s Express (entry level detail)

Maui’s Express (entry level detail)

Duration: 2-3 hours

Price starting ranges

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Sedans/coupes $99.99

Midsize SUVs/ Trucks (2 rows) $119.99

Full size SUVs/ Trucks (3 rows) $139.99

1. *Pre-rinse/presoak foam bath to loosen up dirt and debris

2. Secondary foam bath with contact wash containing a sealant the protects and give hydrophobic properties to the exterior of the vehicle.

3. Wheels tires and wheel wells deeply cleaned if clearance is safe

4.Interior receives an air purge to blow out any dust and debris followed by brush and wipe down to achieve a dust free finish

5. Interior vacuumed thoroughly but depending on condition of the vehicle additional charge/steps may be needed.

6. Add on services can be applied on request.


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