Level 1 Mild Debri/Dirt and Stain

Level 1 Mild Debri/Dirt and Stain

Duration: 1-2 hours

Price starting ranges:

Sedans/coupes $99.99

Midsize SUVs/ Trucks (2 rows) $129.99

Full size SUVs/ Trucks (3 rows) $159.99

With level 1 interior detail is more tailored to mild dirt on the interior of your vehicle, door panels that have for example built up grease stain from your hands our finger including your steering wheel/ cup holders/ center console with beverage stains including seats if they have not been there for long.

  1. Hard plastics, cupholders, air vents, door panels, door jambs, dash and center console scrubbed and cleaned
  2. Plastic receive UV protection
  3. Leather seats properly cleaned and conditioned


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